What is Spectral Transmission?

Spectral Transmission is a Science Fiction Anthology TV series created by Assistant Professor Jacob Dodd and 6 undergraduate students at SUNY Oswego.  The series comprises of 22 minute episodes filmed locally in Central New York and shot on 16mm film. Each show is written, directed, and produced by SUNY Oswego students. The show will begin its first season this October on WTOP-10, SUNY Oswego's student-run television station.


Summer 2013 Team:

Bryan Liberty, Cinema and Screen Studies, 2014

Bryan Kastelan, Cinema and Screen Studies,  2014

Annie Palmer, Broadcasting and Mass Communications, 2013

Joshua Parisi, Cinema and Screen Studies, 2016

Brian Reilly, Cinema and Screen Studies, 2014

Andrew Stulck, Cinema and Screen Studies, 2014


The project got its start in the summer of 2013 thanks to the Student-Faculty Collaborative Challenge Grant presented by SUNY Oswego. Challenge Grants are for student-faculty collaborative projects to be completed during the summer following the award of the grant and/or during the following academic year. They include an additional incentive for involving freshmen and sophomores in faculty research and creative projects. For more information on SUNY Oswego's Challenge Grants, please visit their website.


We encourage you to watch the 2 minute video located on our Behind the Scenes page of faculty advisor/creator Jacob Dodd explaining the genesis of Spectral Transmission is and some of the background of the show.

Where can I watch Spectral Transmission?

Spectral Transmission is currently working to become availible to the public several different ways. Please check back regularly for updates! Updates will be posted here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

How Can I get involved?

Spectral Transmission is always looking for enthusiastic writers, actors, and filmmakers, but our goal is to encorporate a diverse group of people from many different academic diciplines into our team. If you have knoweldge of history, philosophy, business, art, or any other information that you think could benefit our show, we encourage you to contact us about becoming involved!


If you have a script suggestion, please visit our submissions page to read the qualifying information and access our submission form.


If you would like more information about the show, or how to become involved, please visit the Contact Us page and fill out the contact form.


We look forward to hearing from you!